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March 2018

Contraseña Conversations Webinar Series

The world is not flat, so why are our textbooks?  

Language educators are eager to transform the students’ learning experiences by embracing new technologies. This conversation focuses on two aspects of a paperless classroom: what students do on their own time and how; and what can be done during class time and how. Samples from Contraseña are shared.

Implementing a fully digital curriculum: what does it take?  

The paperless classroom is here! The proliferation of student devices makes it easier than ever to transition to a digital class format. Join a discussion on the advantages and challenges of implementing a fully digital curriculum in your program. Samples from Contraseña are shared.

The mystery behind backward design: what is it and how can it lead to student success?  

Backward design is a method of designing educational curriculum by setting goals and knowing what assessment evidence is needed before choosing instructional methods. Join the conversation on the benefits of this approach; in particular, how it can get students not only to do more, but get more insight into their learning. Samples from Contraseña will be shared.

Getting real: How can we help beginning level students approach authentic content?

How do we prepare language students to approach authentic content? This conversation will focus on how text-driven language learning and task-based instruction, paired with detailed receptive and productive strategies, can prepare students to engage in higher level authentic materials. Samples from Contraseña will be shared.

Making connections: how can we leverage social learning to engage our 21st century students?  

Research shows that 74% of 21st century students are spending 2+ hours on social media a day. How can we leverage this in their language courses?  This discussion will focus on the benefits of social learning, including an overview of a unique social ePortfolio tool in Contraseña designed to give students an authentic mechanism for interaction and collaboration.